Kabu - Turnip -

Hi there,
I like pickles turnip, or turnip in miso soup 🙂


*Body Draw the white part with line. Use light black ink.

Light touch first, small push on the middle of the line. See the photo, the line grows on the middle part. Then, when you finish the line, light touch again.
The white part will be drawn with two strokes

Put ink into the brush

*Stalks are kind of thick.

Strong touch first, and stroke up fast. Draw whole stems with one time make brush.

Put ink into the brush, carefully

*Leaves drawing is the most fun part on the turnip 😀

Set the brush almost horizontal toward a paper and move like a car drifting..

Put ink.

* Veins must be drawn before the ink dries, so that you can get blur effect with veins and leaves.

Put ink, make the brush top sharp, like drawing line.

* Hemming is depicted by the like-car-drifting brush movement with using only the top of the brush hair.

Just light touch and speed move fine circles. No need to draw the line of whole leaves. Only the point of the leaves would be better to have the line hemming.

Enjoy 🙂