Saury Fish – Sumi-e

Saury, san-ma in Japanese, is one of Japanese favorite fish in autumn for dinner. It has a strong thin body and silver and blue colored. It is like sharpened swards. San-ma is depicted by three Chinese characters which means Autumn, sward, fish.

水墨画 秋刀魚 "Sanma"

Tips :

Eye and face :

Draw the eye first.
Make a brush for thin line drawing.
Then, draw the outline.

Back top :

Put the very black ink into the brush.
Then, draw a big and strong line from the point above the eye to the tail.
This line is the very important part of the saury drawing.

Fin :

Again, prepare your brush for the thin line drawing.
Add tail fin and other fin.

Back :

Put “no ink” into the brush. Your brush has only water here.
Then, hold the brush horizontally.
Lower the brush into the black line drew before.
Bring down the brush with keeping your brush horizontally.
Keep your brush position and bring it down.
So that you can get bleeding effect.


Make your brush for the thin line drawing.
Put the very black ink in the brush.
Then, just put down the brush on paper in order to stump the ink.