We are living in the transcoding era. Contents, information, communication are encoded, transformed then decoded on many devices to reach people. Music, news or movies are enjoyed with cell phones, TV, or computers. The dualism is no longer enough to understand the world.

In this era, it is the platform where contents can be transcoded along
with distribution or devices people use. The world of fragment needs trans-platform to better understand. 

The transcoding culture changes the way of understanding among people. We like on-demand service, two way communication or social media more than one way like broadcasting. Big media pushing messages is dead and Facebook where users can enjoy loose chatting becomes big.   

In sumi-e technique, asymmetry composition and the vacant space provokes provoke communication. Sumi-e colours itself by the memory of viewer. A maple leaf in sumi-e colours either yellow or green depending on what you saw. Sumi-e is the platform for
transcodes of your immanence.

Transcode is the key point of this digital era and it changes the way of communication. Transcodism is the art initiative that reflects this social change.