Los Angels Sumi-e Hybiscas

In the beginning of the summer season, just afeter the blue hydransia had finished its blooming, I found huge white flower on the street down the corner of my house. The rainy season smell was still floating in the air. This is like jellyfish swirling over there. Back in home and chcking the web site, the white large is a "cotton rose ", "confederate rose" or fuyou in Japanese.

The summer’s gone. I saw a white flower on the top of a streching stalk beside a pavement near the office. This is called mallow, or aoi (ah-oh-ee).

Mallow is smaller than cotton rose and looking for the sunlight like small kids wants candy streching out on the tiptoe. Cotton rose is floating closed on earth like a pale moon rising.

At the end of October, Los Angels has lots of red big roses there. It resemble to the cotton flower or hybiscas in Hawaii. 

The cotton rose leaves are spiky on the edge, very large and thick, and deep green. It tells us they comes from the South. The mallow’s leave are small and grow the quater degree in a clockwise.

This image above is named Flower Butterfly, remixing my Tokyo and Los Angels flower expierience of the summer. Pale white flower is wafting down up the sky.

Please take a littel time to look at the drawing process by clicking the below video.This work comes across a scroll and now floating in a room as well.  see this beautiful complete of kakejiku by Ms. Izumi Murakami