Cicada! have you run after it with a net in hand? Cicada and beetle are
kings that kept entertaining me during summer holiday.

Cicada’s buzz is
not buzz. it is summer symphony or rain shower in woods.

Matsuo Basho,
17th haiku poet, made famous one, going like

‘Silence, Cicada’s voice,
Sorbed into rocks’ <- make sense?


Body: Use the brush body so that you can get vague gradation naturally. It gives the cicada body color.

Eyes: The eyes of cicada is located on the edge of the body (or face). Make it the most black sumi ink.

Wings: Each cicada has different color wing. Some has dark brown one and some has trasparent one. I like to depict very soft thin wing here. Put very light sumi ink on the brush and draw softly.

Legs: black and thin

Cicada lives only seven days after the emergence. Before that it keeps sleeping seven years in the earth. wow