Plum in Sumi-e, drawing technique

Hi, there.

We are having great blooming days. Plum is my favorite 😀

Painting Tips:

Drawing in order: To depict the strength of each of stamen, it is good idea to draw the stamen first. Then petal is followed.   

Stamen: Plum has strong straight stamen. Most of those are longer than the petal. That’s the symbol of plum and differentiate plum from cherry blossom. If you draw stamen very softly, people would think it of cherry 🙂

Petal: Plum petal is small in real. I draw little bigger than what it is. Five pieces of petal are in a package. 

Branch: Flower roots directly on the branch.

Complete one


Plum on pot in the Metropolitan museum in NYC

Plum pot in Metropolitan museum

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