Grape – Sumi-e

(C) Kazu Shimura 2006
(C) Kazu Shimura 2006

The Autumn, the season of fertility.
Grape is one of fun motif for sumi-e. Because it needs few techniques to depict and you can experience what sumi-e is.



Load black ink.
Two strokes for one grape.
First touch down the paper with the top of the brush hair then swirl the brush.
Second stroke moves little along with the first part.
Continue the same two-strokes movement to add other grapes until the ink is consumed totally.
A Grape which is depicted first comes front and second one goes back. (This is one of great characteristics of sumi ink I love)


Make a brush as normal.
Hold a brush horizontally and keep it almost parallel at paper surface.
Touch down with the all brush hairs at once.
Slide the brush.
The grape leaves look like kind of sharply.

(Wash the brush)


Make a brush for thin line drawing.
Load very black ink.
Draw the line.

Brunch and connect each grape

Draw brunch
Connecting each grape with thin line is the most fun part of the grape drawing.

Enjoy 🙂