Sumi-e, Kazu Shimura

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Name :

Kazu Shimura

Born :

Tokyo, Feb. 1th 1968

Atelier :

Shokido Nihonbashi, Tokyo


Ph.D. Kochi Institute of Technology, Kochi, Japan
MBA Goizueta Buisiness School at Emory University, Atlanta, the U.S.A
BA Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan


2009 LINEART (Gent, Belgium)
2010 LINEART (Gent, Belgium)
2011 LINEART(Gent, Belgium)
2011 ESCRIBA (Tokyo)
2012 "TRANSCODISM" (Gallery KITAI, Tokyo)
2012 ESCRIBA (Tokyo)
2012 ART EXPO NAGOYA (Nagoya)
2012 +PLUS003(Tokyo)
2012 LINEART (Gent, Belgium)


All Japanese written...
2012 The future of Media
2011 The Impact of Net TV
2011 TV Tomorrow


We are living in the multi screen era. Movies and music reach to you with transcoded. A single content distributes to everywhere and the media experience is decentralized and optimized each one of you.
When you see the maple leaves drawn by sumi ink, the black and white maple leaves turns out to be yellow or red. That is the inner brain transcoded mechanism, which I call "TRANSCODISM"
"TRANSCODISM" initiates the social move beyond the integration between the art and the digital technology.


Private lesson in English(Tokyo), any requests
email :, Facebook, Twitter