FEEL GOOD in Brain Sumi-e

Refrain,repeat and rhythm paralysises us stop thinking in brain. Is it possible that there is interlligence not out of brain?

The plant does not have brain as the information center. It,however, protects, by being attended of the enemy of the enemy, from its enemy. It spouts sweet smell to lure the enemy of its enemy. Mamoru Fujieda trys to spin the plant activity out and reconstruct it as music sound. That was relaxable tunes. The reflexity was not brought of the memory pool, but just feel good.

The key point is "not brain activity" occurs to me. The refrain forces us stopping thinking. No sooner than seizing to work ,the awakeress comes down on us. Chanting sutra, refrain or rhythm are the way not to think logically but to feel in the wholeness.

Sumi-e Hyperlink Art Theory: Cosmos in Western, Chaos in Sumi-e

Rythm, beat refrains, pushing the botton. It keeps clicking,then the serotonin secretes like the water overflowing out of a buthtub. Simple beat makes people emotional, since acient Indian, who thought vowels of "a, o, u" of important, to Tokyo underground club hoppers.

Can sumi-e express rythm? How can suibokuga paintings motivate? Asymmetry composition has the key for the gate.

In the western art under the christianity, the equality is to maintain, i.e., the temperament, perspective or church construction. The western art is the right cerebral hemisphere's explicits based on the mathmatics, which is part of the left one.

By contrast of the western christianity, in sumi-e culture,  asymmetry composition is to think. The flower must be situated at the left low position on a paper. Don't paint the whole Swiss Alpine mountains on your eyes. See the view with negative eyes and reconstruct it with three stages of perspective, close, middle and far.

Sumi-e is the chaos theory art. The western art is rebirth of the cosmos.Whereas the western paintings build on the pile of relationship with the next part, sumi-e drawings exposits the wholeness. Every object is hyperlinked in sumi-e. Objects painted in the far perspective have relationship with the close one, not only the middle one.

Attached sumi-e works has rythm? ...No. This water fall painting is a result of western brain washed composition with sumi ink. Have to crush the left brain thinking and happen the rebirth views on your eyes. Asymmetry composition stirs it up on your mind and let the serotonin out for the inhibition. That is awakeness to intend. For "she'll carry on through it all.She's a waterfall".

Sumi-e Ontology 

Science is heading to tie things up and hyperlink itm not break it down or analyse ever. The most advanced particle physicians have alerady observed the world of wholeness. Genyu, a Japanese monk, everything can be described as the relationship between the subject and the object. Thus, "being" is the relationship; It won't exist unless the subject and the object exist. Ontology has been discussed this matter.

Sumi-e painters usually leave some white space on paper, to indicate the artist's intension on his works. Dr. Yanagisawa said the memory might transcend inheritablly. She calls it God. The unpainted area is not the place painters do not paint, but something lets them not painting. The white space is the common memory with the time horizontale and the space vertical axis. Sumi ink is the transgate of total recall. Thus, sumi-e drawings are the wholeness of total recall and awakeness of our history.