Plum for Thin Line Drawing Practice

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Make fude ordinal style
Hold jiku with fude hair on your side and lean forward and left both 45 degree.
Push down fude with keeping the above position.
At the first touch, use only fude saki(the tip) and pull fude to left(left stroke)
Then push fude onto the paper and touch whole fude hair with above position
Slide fude with keeping the same position.
At finishing, pull fude up with the fude saki last touch.


Wash fude.
Shape fude thin line drawing (sen-byo) style.
A branch that connects of trunk is thicker than the edge one.
A long branch is depicted by several strokes, each of which is straight and swells both at starting and ending point.
A branch is getting longer and thinner. The edge part of branch is the longest and thinnest
The control of thin line drawing style ; please reference "here"


Wash fude.
Shape fude thin line drawing (sen-byo) style.
Flower petals are depicted one or three circles by the thin line drawing.
After all drawing petals, put pistil and stamens.
Drawing direction is outside petals to inside.
Take on breath after putting fude onto the paper.
So that a swell is put sealed on the edge of pistil and stamens.

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