Bamboo for line drawing practice

Sumi-e tutorial bamboo'
Sumi-e lesson 'Bamboo'2

Scratch back with fudesaki at the first touch.
Then start stroke down(four o'clock direction)
Push fude right after the stroke begin
Then, pull fude up along with the stroke
Fudesaki is the last part that leave the paper


Five leaves for one set
Five leaves drawing with only one dip sumi.
So that you can get gradation.
Three leaves turn left, two turns right.
Each of leaf positions with various space.(see above image)
Each leaf drawing started on the prior leaf. (see above image)


Wash fude
Put very black sumi(no-boku).
Trunk is depicted with side stroke(soku-hitsu).
Position fude with fude hair left.
Lean fude forward at 45 degree.
The bar of fide(jiku) leads fude hair.
Take one breathe after fude hair touch on the paper.
Then move up.
Take one breath again before pull fude up.
Space between the first trunk and the second.
The lower trunk is shorter than uppers.
The lower trunk is thicker than uppers
Wash fude
Make fude thin line drawing style(sen-byo).
Put no-boku into fude.
Small click inbetween trunk.


Wash fude
Make fude thin line drawing style(sen-byo).
Please reference this page for thin line drawing.
Two twigs launch out of each leaf.

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