One Night in Kyoto

Went to Kyoto. wow :)) Painted sumi-e one of the shrine I visited..

2010-02-02 23:17:34 +0900

Leave Tokyo station at 6:43 a.m., the bullet train takes me out there in only two hours.

Too early in the morning, but the Kyoto station is already working hard to welcome the tourists. The green tea cafe has nice modern breakfast.

Gion (Ghi-on) district gets you a the old Japanese beautiful life. It is quiet.Only the walking sound that maiko (Mah-i-ko) san makes on the road.

I found a restaurant in the end of the Gion street. An old lady is so kind that she took us to the upper room where we can enjoy the tatami.

Plum is already blooming 🙂 at Nishiki Ten-man-gu

Pickles at Nishiki market. Vegetables in Kyoto is really yammy. 

30 minutes from Kyoto, Uji city used to be the summer houses town in 10th century. Byo-do-in Phoenix hall is built to depict the heaven in real, by Fujiwara Yorimichi. Can you see two phoenix on the roof?? that is named after.

Uji-gami shrine is the oldest shrine. wow

Moth is gathered :)) no rolling stone was there. 



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