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Waterfall Sumi-e


How to draw a waterfall in sumi-e technique

1. Rocks drawing

Outline with the thick line.  First, lighter black (and lots of water in the heir of the brush. ) is used.
Then, the black ink (with not much water) lined along with the lighter lines. This black line depicts the shadow.
So, you have to think of which way the sun light comes from to this water fall scenery.

2. Waterfalling drawing

Flat the hair of the brush. then draw the square stroke.
Remember, you always have to shape the brush good before start drawing. A good shape and carrying the appropriate volume of water deliver the great sumi-e panting.
In this case, waterfall is water so the brush is better to be moisturized more than usual.
The top of the waterfall must be the square shape because there would be thr river runs over there and the surface is flat.

3. The basin (water pool) of the waterfall

The blank of the water pool shows you there is spray of the water.

Enjoy 🙂